big dreams, big dreams.

My friend Simon is mean. He's also a brilliant engineer and a DJ with a Dutch record deal but he's mostly mean. 

Simon is so mean that he calls a giant engineer we know Tiny. Sometimes he calls him The Kraken.  Simon is so mean that he calls an even gianter engineer that we know Tinier.

Simon is so mean that even his dreams are mean.

Simon is so mean that he bought me a bright red Thomas The Tank shirt. I went to the hospital once and a bunch of kids thought I was wall art so they brought all their little friends and siblings to point and stare at my shirt.

Simon is mean because he bought me that shirt because he thinks I am a small child.

But I have a terrifyingly big dream and Simon,
with all his experience and worldly knowledge
said that it doesn't sound too far fetched

and that makes me feel like I can do anything.

Everybody deserves to have a friend like Simon
and I'm just lucky that I already do.

*cue emotional tears of friendship*


"Fair play to those who dare to dream."


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